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i3 lite

is a universal platform to organize surrounding things into a single smart environment.

i3 lite is a platform to control smart home and Internet of Things devices. The main feature of i3 lite is simplicity of use and high speed of making a control project. i3 lite is irreplaceable for

  • Installers the platform has an intuitive interface and requires no skills at programing or designing interfaces. A project can be created and tested on a tablet or smart phone.
  • Users All projects are stored in the cloud and can be downloaded on any device at any time. All projects are dynamic in i3 lite. It means that a user can change the project design and the language of the interface right on the panel.
  • Developers The platform has powerful tools to create new graphic styles and modules to control equipment that can be later on sold in the built-in store.

Platform Features

  • Easy project creation

No additional software, no programming skills, no skills at designing interfaces are required to create a project. A project is created and set up on a control panel. The project configurator has an intuitive interface and auto search of modules for the found equipment.

  • Change of graphic styles in the control project (under development)

A user can change the style of the interface right on the panel by choosing a new style from the list of available ones.

  • One project for any device

i3 lite projects are adaptable to different panel resolutions. It means that a project made once can be used on both smart phones and tablets.

  • Storing projects in the cloud

Every user has their own cloud storage that stores their projects. Projects can be downloaded from the cloud onto any mobile device when required.

  • Store of modules

Every project consists of modules for controlling equipment, that can be downloaded from the store of modules. It enables not only fast addition of new equipment to the project but also regular updates of modules, when required.

  • Integration with the server'

i3 lite has a close integration with the server. Users themselves can create scenes and schedules, using a built-in tool and upload them to the server.

  • Auto translation of the interface into the mother tongue (under development)

When a project is set up, a user can select the mother tongue and i3 lite will change the langauge of the interface into the mother tongue of the user.


  • i3 App is an app for integrators and end-users. The app has the following functions: creating and editing projects, downloading projects from the cloud, using projects, changing the graphic style of a project, etc.
  • cloud - is a cloud storage of projects. No PC is required to work with the platform. All created projects are automatically saved in the cloud and can be downloaded onto a panel at any moment. A project is given to an end-user via iRidium cloud. An integrator can send a project to an end-user right from the app.
  • iRidium studio - is a tool to create modules. It's the main tool for a developer to create and edit modules.
  • iRidium server - is a hardware solution to contol smart home. If a server is used, there is no need to have the app running all the time. All created scenes and schedules run on the server and do not require any attention.
  • iRidium store - is a store of modules. When using i3 lite you get a built-in store of control modules and graphic styles. Thanks to the store you don't have to develop your own drivers to control required equipement, you can use modules, created by other developers.


Best practices:

  1. Сonnection security with the SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that implies a more secure connection. It uses asymmetric cryptography to authenticate exchange keys, symmetric encryption to maintain confidentiality, message authentication codes for message integrity.
  2. Use the access key instead of the login / password. It is considered a standard of network security:
    • The access key is generated automatically, has a sufficiently crypto-stable length and a set of characters (the user's password can be very simple)
    • The access key is bound to a specific device, i.e. key hacking will not allow an attacker to access the entire account
    • The access key can be reset without requiring a password change, you only need to re-login
  3. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), symmetric block cipher algorithm (block size - 128 bits, 256 bit key). In June 2003, the US National Security Agency decided that the AES cipher is sufficiently reliable to use it to protect classified information. Up to the level of SECRET it was allowed to use 128-bit keys, for the TOP SECRET level, keys of 192 and 256 bits were required. To date, AES is one of the most common symmetric encryption algorithms.

How we do it:

  1. Authorization in the application: all requests to the site only using a secure connection (SSL 3.0).
  2. After comparing the login / password pair, all requests are verified with an access key (the password is not transmitted anywhere else).
  3. The server accesses the site only using a secure connection (SSL 3.0).
  4. Projects are stored on Amazon servers (Alibaba for China). Files are downloaded by link (https) with additional authorization with the access key (key life time - 2 minutes). The files are stored in anonymous form, without reference to the owner.
  5. The application communicates with the server in two ways: REST API (SSL 3.0 protection), iRidium protocol (version 1.2.3 and above - AES-256 encryption is enabled by default).
  6. Authorized user access rights to the server are defined in the project and are provided through the creation of hash-keys through a trusted node (our site).


What is the difference between iRidium lite and iRidium pro?
The main difference of iRidium lite from iRidium pro is simplicity and the speed of creating a project to control Smart home. iRidium lite allows you to configure a project on a control panel (Android, iPad/iPhone, Windows) without programming.

Learn more about differences of the two products in the article in our blog.

How is the price of iRidium lite license formed?
The price of iRidium lite license is formed from the price of the Basic license that includes 40 subdevices (no limit on the number of control panels and drivers) and the price of commercial modules, if they are used in the project. The Basic license can be updated with the help of additional packets of subdevices (each packet has 20 subdevices). Work with server can also be added.

What is a subdevice?
A subdevice is a functional object in iRidium lite (for example, 1 subdevice = 1 HUE lamp or 1 relay channel or 1 channel of HDL dimmer). Sensors are not subdevices and they are free. For more convenient calculation when licensing a project, subdevices are united into packets per 20 subdevices each.

Who purchases iRidium lite license and controls it: an integrator or an end-user?
An integrator purchases a license and controls it. But there will be a mechanism to give all access rights to the project and the license from an installer to an end-user.

Who purchases modules an integrator or an end-user?
An integrator purchases modules, as iRidium lite is a B2B product. We do not work with end-users directly.

Are modules purchased for a concrete project?
Yes, modules are purchased for a concrete project.

Are modules created by third-party developers? How does it work?
Modules are created by iRidium mobile team and third-party developers. All created modules are tested by iRidium mobile team, and after successful tests modules are placed in iRidium store. Modules in iRidium store can be free and commercial.
Do you want to create your own module? - F.A.Q. for module developers

Can a server support pro and lite projects?
A server cannot support pro and lite projects simultaneously. There can be either lite or pro on the server.

Is the server for iRidium lite set only from a panel?
Yes, the server for iRidium lite is set only from a panel.

My company is a developer of automation devices. How is it possible to integrate with your products?
If you have API and a javascript programmer, we invite you to become a module developer. You can make a module for your equipment and place it in iRidium store. It’s up to you to decide if your module is free or commercial. To become a module developer, please, send a request here. If you cannot make a module for your equipment, send a request for module development in our System of module order..

Transfer of the project to technical support

If you experience a problem with the application, you should describe the problem on the technical support forum. To solve the problem, you may be asked to forward your project to technical support.

When sending a project to technical support, the project becomes available only to employees of our company. Outside people do not have access to it

To send a project to technical support you need:
1 Save the project to the cloud in the i3 lite application
2 go to our site
3 go to my account in the section "my lite"


4 select the project that you want to send to technical support


5 go to the section "Users and Panels"


6 click the "share" button


7 in the appeared window select the item "tech support iridium"


8 confirm sending the project